My Top London Burger List

I remember when a good burger in London was one that did not give you food poisoning.  That was about 2007 years ago when the scene started to cotton on to the fact that a burger could be more than a overcooked frozen patty with some fried onions and melted cheese in a sugary over-processed white bun.  Places like Hamburger Union (RIP), Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Byron started to blaze the way on the high streets.  It was not until 2008 when The Meat Wagon rolled onto the scene that burgers got really interesting in London. Its safe to say that I have had a fair few burgers since 2008, some have been amazing, some rubbish and a majority forgettable.   So here is a list of my favorite London Burgers.

Read the updated London Burger List here

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Brunch With Bloody Bens


Sometimes store cupboard brunches are the best when they workout, and this is a winner. This a chickpea and sweet potato hash Clarence Court Braddock White duck egg. Pretty snazzy cupboard brunch if I can say myself. Though what made it next level was the Bloody Ben's Bloody Mary Mix I used to season it with. Instead of adding any seasoning or spices I added a couple of glugs of Bloody Bens to the hash and a splodge on the egg for good measure.

Get the Full Recipe Here Bloody Bens Sweet Potato Hash

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And welcome to ScottCanEat.Com.  My name is Scott. YES! You guessed it, I Can Eat.

Food has always been the stuff that feeds my belly and feeds my mind.  I’ve been in an LTR with food for the last 40+ years.   I started this blog at, I wanted to expand the reach to more than just cooking.

I founded and ran a successful Bakery for 7 years.  You might have seen me on tv, I appeared on BBC’s MasterChef (2005 & 2006) or as a contributor to MasterChef Goes Large.  Yep, I’m the guy that dropped his tart on national television.

If you look hard enough I also appeared and won an episode of The Weakest Link (Season 4, Episode 75 to be precise)  My winning answer was food related (go figure) If you are ever asked what Mexican food literally means little donkey…. The Weakest Link Winning Answer is Burrito.

Besides my love of food & drink, I have a passion for travel, architecture, art and design.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to authentically feature them on my blog. 

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