I was once asked what my death row dish would be….. Without hesitation, it was Christmas Dinner. I love it so much. Being You know what I love even more than Christmas dinner…. Using the leftovers to make fun and exciting things…. My favourite use, (and probably the most obvious) is making sandwiches with the left-over meats and sauces.

I’ve been obsessed with muffulettas for a while. I mean just one look and they are thrilling. Not familiar with a Muffuletta? 

The other day when I was on a shoot with Toast Ale I remembered the Leftover turkey ramen recipe I made last year based on the BBC Good Food Turkey Ramen. I really loved that ramen and decided that I wanted to make it again this year. Seeing how Toast is all about making sure nothing goes to waste, I thought I’d take that ramen recipe one step further.

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